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soda pop rip off
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this is a community for people to talk about whatever the fuck they want. mainstream culture does not represent a single one of us, so what do we do? fucking ignore it.

yes i know that we were meant to get over this when we were 15, but we're still teenagers, and we still like having fun and being fuckups. this is a place to discuss whatever you love, whatever makes you feel alive.

the main focus is to be music. post songs from your new favourite band (please, please, don't interpret this as a hives reference), the songs that make you feel like you want to go out and get absolutely wasted with whatever you can lay your hands on. the songs that make you dance like a spastic (political correctness has never been our forte), rip your tights and end up with your makeup down your face looking like you were in a car accident. but this isnt a scenester i'm-more-shoeditch-than-you community. this isnt about what you wear or where you you, this is about life, about feeling alive and relishing it. we love every kind of music here. twee scottish indie bands, angry riot-grrl, REAL electro, montreal lo-fi, no-wave, pop-punk that your younger brother likes, power ballads, post-rock that looks like it will be wanky but after the 8th minute you're convinced, anything experimental, anything that stirs a reaction. bonnie tyler, east 17 and kylie minogue.

continuing the theme, post your own reviews, say what you love about something. write a film review, say what you really thought. if you thought x-men 3 was the best film of the year, fucking say so . talk about films. the b-movie you saw on bbc2 last night that was awesome, the latest indie cult flick that was really shit.

cheers, thisradioactive and cyanidetongue